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Hawk Hill

Boston Home - Fall 2007
Bringing It All Home

“Inside it exudes a bright, unfussy attitude, a hallmark of Hornstein’s work.”


Home - Fall 2002
Before and After​

“Light also refers to a soft touch, that is, doing no more than necessary” “David is a very detail-oriented person” notes one of the satisfied homeowners “Fortunately, we have no horror stories”.


Boston Globe Your Home - Fall 1997
Kitchen Know-how


Hillary Rodham Clinton has had lunch in the room, which had been a cramped, outdated 14×14′ kitchen before Hornstein’s redesign…. Hornstein has a background in construction. So when decided on such things as a curved vaulted ceiling he could make the case to the homeowners because he knew how to build it at a cost comparable to a regular ceiling.

South End

Boston Globe - Fall 2006
Looking Up

David Hornstein calls his company Light House Design, though he doesn’t build lighthouses. “Our name reflects our emphasis on light: getting it into a house, its aesthetic impact in a room, and the huge importance of light itself. Especially in this New England climate, light is a big part of being comfortable”


Home - Spring 1998
The Best New Kitchens


“Hornstein took his client’s desire for more light seriously, combining a skylight, clerestory, windows and French doors to create a light-filled kitchen while maintaining privacy.”


Remodeling - Spring 1997
Open House

“As for the homeowners, they are unstinting in their praise for Hornstein and Blass. Apart from the duo’s obvious expertise, says Alison Schechter, they were excellent listeners and communicators”

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