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We provide a full range of design services and have long-term relationships with many allied professionals including tradespeople, artists, engineers, interior designers, landscape designers, custom fabricators, and material suppliers.  We handle any or all of the following phases of new construction or remodeling:


Develop Program: Meet with client to get a complete understanding of the needs and goals of the project, including wish lists, budget, architectural design preferences, family dynamics, and short and long-term desires.


Feasibility: Consider structure, site, and all applicable building, zoning, historic, and conservation codes to ensure project feasibility prior to starting design work.


Schematic Design: For new construction, use site survey to create 3D computer model of site to consider massing and placement of new house.  For renovation, measure existing house to create computer model of existing conditions.  Create new designs to meet to accomplish the program that are compatible with the existing architecture, and within the site and budget parameters.


Budgeting: Based on the schematic design, complete a rough estimate of the project to verify that it matches the initial budget range.


Design Development:  After working with the client to select a preferred direction in schematic design, develop the design further to incorporate details like doors and windows and cabinetry.  Create an initial list of allowances covering materials like tile, cabinets, flooring, fixtures, appliances, etc.


Preliminary Bidding: Get initial estimates from Contractors.


Contract Documents: Prepare a fully detailed set of architectural drawings and written specifications of all aspects of the project, including architectural (the design itself), structural (engineering of structural components like beams and columns), mechanical (plumbing, heating and AC), electrical (circuits, service requirements, and fixture selection).  These form the basis of the legal contract with the contractor.


Final Bidding: Based on the contract documents, solicit bids from contractors, decide on contract type, and award contract.


Project Oversight and Contract Administration: Meet with the contractor on-site periodically to answer questions and ensure that the work is being built according to the contract documents.  Review contractor requests for payment to assure compliance with the “schedule of values” that determines progress payment amounts.


Close Out: Ensure that the entire project is completed to the Client’s satisfaction before the final payment is released to the contractor.


Supplemental Services:  In addition to the basic range of services listed above, our full range also includes structural analysis, landscape design, lighting design, mechanical design, and cabinetry and interior design including material and fixture specification.


The process from initial consultation to final move-in is a long and complex one.  We serve as  experienced guides to manage every aspect to avoid pitfalls and keep the project on track.

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