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Designing and Inventing

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

In addition to designing, I’ve always been interested in inventing and product development. I have a number of patents for an AI system (StylePath) that learns individual and couples’ aesthetic taste to recommend furnishings. I use a version of StylePath with clients to help me understand their preferences.

A few years ago I invented and patented an architectural gutter system for a project I was designing. The existing house had wood gutters that I wanted to match on a large addition. However, the wood gutters of today are made from Fir, not Cypress, and rot in a few years. I developed an extruded aluminum gutter that was the exact shape of traditional wood gutters, but with many advantages. Recently, Duragutter was selected for a project that This Old House is filming in West Roxbury. I had a blast explaining the system and working with Kevin O’Connor and the whole crew of TOH.

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