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Fun with Glass

My company is called Light House because I love light, which means I love glass. I try to bring in as much light as possible through a variety of windows, clerestories, skylights, sun tunnels, etc.

In addition to bringing in light from outside, we sometimes need to bring it from one room to another.  This is called “borrowed” light, and is usually achieved with glass doors and transoms.

Left: Glass doors, clerestory, and large skylight connect this room to the outdoors.

Right: A corner window make of custom bent thermopane glass eliminates the boundary between inside and out.

We can also create the illusion of outside light by using artificial light behind translucent panels.  The color temperature and intensity can be controlled with a variety of bulbs and dimmers.

Left: A color changing LED cove, and a 3-Form translucent ceiling (with skylight above) create a soft light over the tub.

Right: Translucent ceiling panels made of fiberglas shoji screen give the illusion of a skylight coffered ceiling in this ground floor living room

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